Keep Track

Powerful expense manager to help you keep track of payments

Do you forget credit card purchases you make online, lose your ATM receipts (before you record the withdrawals) or do you simply want to conveniently track transactions on your Pocket PC or Smartphone? If so, you need Keep Track from Ilium Software. This expense tracking software makes it easy to store your ATM, debit, and credit card transactions. Track and manage spending on your Pocket PC or Smartphone.

Record for your statements

  • Withdrawals, Deposits, Checks

  • Charges, Credits

  • Debits, Advances, Payments

  • Transfers, Cash Expenses

Features and Functions of Keep Track

  • Use the One-Touch Screen to record your most common transactions. Just touch the screen and record your expenses in an easy-to-use ordered list to match against your statements. Configure the amounts, or let Keep Track prompt you.

  • Add the optional Windows PC version for complete synchronization with our Windows PC add-on module. Synchronize for backup or printing, or export your transactions to a QIF file for use with another financial program.

  • QIF format lets you easily export your Keep Track transactions to Quicken (Quicken 2002 - Quicken 2004) or MS Money on your desktop.

  • When it's time to pay your bills or reconcile statements, have everything you need in one place with Keep Track.

Manage your money - ATM withdrawals and deposits, debits, checks, transfers, charges, payments, cash advances and service charges. Use Keep Track when you're on the road or banking on your Smartphone. (Keep your account numbers convenient in your eWallet!) Never forget or lose track of a transaction again.

Keep Track


Keep Track 2.1